What Should You Expect From Your Visit With An IFMNT Registered Dietitian?

At initial visits with an IFMNT RD, you should expect an in-depth interview that allows the practitioner to understand the whole, big picture of your personal story. This assessment focuses on lifestyle, core imbalances, metabolic pathways and networks, biomarkers of health and nutritional status, and signs and symptoms. It takes into consideration predisposing factor, triggers to symptoms/conditions, and factors that allow the continuation of issues.

Sometimes at the first visit, nutrition is not the primary focus! It is vitally important to the success of each client to discuss physical, mental, and emotional aspects of life. Current and ongoing problems are addressed while the RD creates a timeline and identifies connections. A discussion of what has worked versus what has not worked in the past takes place as well which allows the RD to really connect the dots.
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