Success Stories

“Working with Nicole has been absolutely life changing.  Nicole’s wealth of knowledge paired with her enthusiasm for her practice delivers information in a digestible way that is easy into put into practice. Learning from Nicole about my body has been an exciting process that has helped me incorporate meaningful changes.  I now know the ‘why’ behind important life changes. I sincerely recommend working with Nicole.” -Colleen P.

“Nicole is always so easy to relate to with her up to the minute health information. She has been an integral part of my lifestyle changes. Thanks, Nicole!” -Laura W.

I’m feeling better – more energy for sure, which is great. I’m also back at less than my pre-pregnancy weight!  So that’s always nice too!  I’m now fully gluten free and it’s going great. The best part is my periods are now normal! No more 60 day cycles!   – Emily H.

“I’m feeling really good about my food choices. This way of eating makes me feel good have energy and not have achy-ness from inflammation. I’m a “[healthy] food” fan now!” -Shannon M.

“I am having regular menstrual cycles for the first time in 10 years! I am sticking to the program and I’m still taking my supplements daily. I’m down to 133 pounds and feel much better. No more brain fog or stomach pains. ” -Theresa P.

“The good news though is that I haven’t had a bad IBS flareup since I started this regimen.” -Tony C.

“I have noticed my abdomen has gone down. I’m not bloated anymore and I’m not retaining fluids.  With the change of food and cutting down and eliminating gluten I’ve noticed a slight sensation of a migraine coming on but as soon as I take the vitamins it goes away. Not sure which one is helping with the migraines. Overall pain is getting better. I’m also having restful sleep, not waking up as much. I can actually remember dreaming. I have also lost 2 lbs! So grateful!! -Gaby G.”  [After 1 week of LEAP protocol and therapeutic supplementation]

“I’m on day 7 of the first 14 days [of the LEAP MRT diet plan]. Feeling clean. I didn’t know eating could be so comfortable. My gut doesn’t hurt at all post-meals and I don’t get sleepy from eating.  Lost a few pounds. My bowl movements are very healthy and frequent, which always makes me feel good.” -Zuzanna K.


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