Full Access Functional Nutrition Private Partnership 👯‍♀️

Comprehensive Initial Nutritional Assessment (90 minutes):  

I lovingly call this session our “awkward first date” because we’ll talk about anything and everything pertaining to your unique health history so we can take a root-cause resolution approach to your improvement. Your symptoms tell a story, so we’ll chat about things like your metabolism, weight history, menstrual cycles, digestion, skin health, sleep quality, energy through the day, hunger & fullness cues, and libido— nothing is off the table! 🙃This session takes about an hour and a half and will focus primarily on YOU. We’ll chat all about your life from infancy through teen years to current which helps me really build a timeline of your health history to truly give you the holistic nutrition experience. (Psst.. holistic = whole person!)

Using my proven The BRAIN Method + specialty nutritional lab tests we’ll decode your biochemistry to create a unique, personalized, sustainable, effective plan of action!

From there, we’ll strategize targeted and therapeutic food foundation changes, ideal macronutrient balances, meal timing, and making food fun and realistic!  Oh, and if you happen to have any recent labs from your doctors, bring those with you so I can provide my Dietitian two-cents! 🤩

Lab Review Visit(s)

We totally nerd-out 🤓 in this visit and put the puzzle pieces together in these visits!! Going over the specialty functional labs results to dive DEEP into your unique biochemistry and create a truly personalized food + supplement protocol! The best part about the visit is that we’ve gotten all the awkward “getting to know you” stuff out of the way, so now we can jump into straight action (AKA you feeling better!) This is one of the most eye opening sessions that provides clarity, validation, and direction. Yea!

Bi-Weekly Follow-Up Visits (30-60 minutes)

Let’s check in on your wins and victories and also troubleshoot wherever we need to. At this point, you’re gaining confidence in your food choices and beginning to feel human again. Working closely together in our 1:1 visits and touching base between visits via private food logging and chat access feature we work together day-in and day-out to identify micro-changes you can make in your diet that lead to BIG results. Consider me like the Dietitian in your pocket you always wanted! 📱This helps to make your diet adjustments realistic and sustainable. Say goodbye to food confusion and hello to confidence in your choices and your body! After these visits, you’ll be equipped with personalized meal ideas & recipes, lab recommendations, etc. in the nutritional course & resource library (webinars, resources galore!). More importantly, you’ll get clarity, direction, and a PLAN!

Advantages of working 1:1 include…

  • Private collaborative partnership 1:1 virtual visits with your Dietitian x 16 weeks 🤝
  • Instant access to nutritional course to get a jumpstart on your nutritional education and lab testing before your sessions start! 🖥
  • Bi-weekly visit (done virtually to make it super convenient!)
  • Specific to you supplement and therapeutic food recommendations 🥦
  • Between session text support for questions that pop up 💬
  • Food logging with feedback and commentary for accountability and taking quick action
  • Unique and specific portion size recommendations to tailor your therapies to your goals 💪
  • Specialty nutritional lab screens included (within allowance)
  • 20% off pharmaceutical grade supplements
  • Personalized recipe curation (based on food preference, sensitivities, and macro splits)
  • Lifetime access to Thyroid Bootcamp Course + Resource Library or Food Foundations Course + Resource Library
  • 🧪👩‍🔬🔬Labs to we may run include:
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Screen (full micronutrient panel, full thyroid, blood sugar, inflammation, iron, iodine, and more!)
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)
  • GI MAP
  • DUTCH hormones
  • Food sensitivity testing