Women’s Health and Hormones

Hormones run the show when it comes to achieving total body harmony. The balancing act of hormones in the body is a well-timed and choreographed dance that are affected, both positively and negatively, by the foods we eat, the environment we are surrounded by, and the state of our mentality. We must eat to support our hormones so that we work with our body versus against it.

The female body is strong, intelligent, and resilient if given the necessary tools to do so. Women are incredibly sensitive to changes in dietary pattern, prolonged nutritional deficiencies, and both physical and emotional stress, and all of these factors can have a profound impact on the way you look, feel, and function. Low-calorie diets, fat-free diets, low protein diets, extreme avoidance diets, over-exercising, high stress levels, poor sleep habits, negative self-talk, and  have negative effects on your hormones.

Nicole is has a is a Fellow through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), one of the most well-respected and internationally recognized programs for “anti-aging” medicine, which provides thorough training on hormone assessment and management.  A4M has paved the way for health care practitioners and providers to be leaders, and to transition from practicing a broken model of medicine to a form of healthcare that focuses on the patient holistically—rather than a cluster of organs or symptoms.

Nicole is specializing in Endocrinology, which provides a functional overview of hormonal changes that manifest in men & women with aging, including the functions & interplay of specific hormones in the body. The Fellowship discusses how best to identify, test for & treat hormonal deficiencies & dysfunctions, such as with hormone replacement & medication compounding.

State of the Art Hormone Analysis!


I’m feeling better – more energy for sure, which is great. I’m also back at less than my pre-pregnancy weight!  So that’s always nice too!  I’m now fully gluten free and it’s going great. The best part is my periods are now normal! No more 60 day cycles!   – Emily H.

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