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Functional Nutrition for Hormone Balance

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  • Overwhelmed with how to eat?
  • Exhausted & brain foggy?
  • Suspect you have hormone imbalances?
  • Dealing with thyroid issues?
  • Feeling like your metabolism is working at a snail’s pace?

Ugh, no fun 😵‍💫 Your lack of progress are not from a lack of trying! Your symptoms are telling a story and I’m here to help you decipher the tale. Integrative & Functional Nutrition involves personalized dietary strategies based on YOU. Get root cause resolution to to really nip your symptoms in the bud for good!

What Does That Mean?

Functional Nutrition is:

  • 🤓 Evidence-based and intuitively-led
  • 📖 Based on YOU, your biochemistry, and your story
  • 👍 Realistic, sustainable, effective, personalized, and flexible
  • 🤝A combo of traditional and holistic (whole-body) care

Hey There,

I’m Nicole!

I’ve been in your shoes. Confused and defeated following all the “diet rules” that gave me major hormonal imbalance and all the not-so-fun symptoms, I decided to ditch the “dieting” mentality and flipped the script to focus on whole mind-body nourishment instead. I’m taking expertise as an Integrative & Functional Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and wisdom picked up along my own journey with Hashimoto’s and sharing it with YOU! Do not go unheard any longer!
The diet industry leads us to believe that a good physique and optimal health are all about calories in versus calories out, and, to be honest, most Dietitians are taught that exact principle.

I’m here to change that.
Allow me to free you from your calorie counting app and teach you how to feed yourself based on YOUR body. Your story is within your symptoms, so let’s get to the root of what you body is saying! No gimmicks. No counting points. No fad diets. Your individual biochemical make-up requires something completely different than anyone else. There is no one-size-fits-all diet. “But, how do I know what is right for me? I’ve tried everything!”
That’s where I step in. Take the guess-work out of it! As an expert in human biochemistry, thyroid specialist, hormone guru, and fellow patient, I provide clarity and direction on the nagging symptoms you’ve been having related to your hormone imbalances. Using state-of-the-art laboratory analysis to decode your biochemistry and take the guess-work out of your plan of action.

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