You never think it will happen to you until it does.  And when it does, it is a moment that will change you forever.  The change isn’t necessarily negative, but you will always carry a special and empathetic connection to those soul-sisters who have struggled with miscarriage, infertility, and other prenatal issues.  Pregnancy loss is… Read More

Before you begin: I’ll be referring a lot to “baby making” because, let’s face it, the menstrual cycle is the female body’s means of fertility. Don’t tune out just out just yet if having a baby is not in your near future! Knowing HOW to get pregnant can also PREVENT you from getting pregnant.  Oh,… Read More

Is it just me, or do you feel as though you have spent half your life having a period but not really knowing what the heck is going on? It’s as though we are groomed to believe that talking about our menstrual cycle is taboo and unladylike. Our body  sends us a handful of symptoms,… Read More

The Chews Food Wisely e-Cookbook and Nutrition Manifesto helps you to set the foundation necessary to make lifelong, healthy habit change.  In the first half of the book, Nicole dives deep into nutritional science in a realistic, understandable way to help educate and empower you to make better food choices.  She outlines simple ways to… Read More

  Phase 2: Packing Up and Shipping out AKA Conjugation The second step in the process involves scooping up partially processed toxins and adding chemical groups, such as an amino acid or sulfur group, to the substance so that it is rendered harmless and ready to be properly disposed. This is called conjugation and makes… Read More

Phase 1 of Liver Detox: “The Switch-a-Roo” AKA Hydroxylation, Oxygenation, and Reduction. The first phase of liver detoxification involves using enzymes and oxygen to burn toxins, especially fat-soluble ones to make them more easily manipulated so they can eventually be eliminated from the body.  These transformations are referred to as hydroxylation, oxygenation, and reduction, but… Read More

What is Detoxification?   Who hasn’t been lured into a detox program with the hopes of rising up from the baptismal font of kale juice a brand-new and “cleansed” person? I get it. Having the chance to “start fresh,” and “get a clean slate” is tempting to even the biggest of doubters.  The truth is… Read More

*In the past 48 hours on two separate occasions at two completely unrelated events, I’ve been called to be open and vulnerable to truly impart inspiration for change to others.  Talk about scary!  In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness, I wanted to share my journey with food and how I arrived at my current… Read More

Get Your Blood Sugar Back in Check You made it out of the holiday war-zone.  Congratulations!  You may, however, have some extra “fluff” on display as your Badge of Honor.  Between stress and sugar-laden foods, your blood sugar has been on a roller coaster ride that results in hormones that are out of whack, undesired… Read More

Holiday parties stressing you out? We have all heard the same old recommendations on how to navigate your way through family gatherings, work parties, and other festive events that seemingly always revolve around high calorie foods. “Just eat before you arrive and don’t touch anything at the party”, “ Don’t drink a drop of alcohol”,… Read More