Post-Birth Control

Transitioning Off Birth Control Pills

In some women, especially those who have been on oral contraceptives, or the birth control pill, for a long time, getting your hormones back in working order may take several months. This phenomenon is called “post-pill amenorrhea”. Coming off the birth control pill can induce nutrient deficiencies, irregular periods, and hormonal acne.

I’ll admit, I never really understood (nor cared about) my period.

It was easy to just take birth control to keep my symptoms at bay, but the longer I did that, the more curiosity I developed about WHY my body was sending those symptoms and WHAT I could do about it. I got interested in the complex orchestra that is the female hormonal cycle after taking a Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) class right before my husband and I got married.  It was amazing how acknowledging and understanding signs and symptoms that my body naturally provided could either help me or prevent me from getting pregnant. In addition, identifying potential underlying issues based on irregularities in my menstrual cycle connected me deeply to my body and made me achieve a sense of belonging in my own skin again.

I no longer feel like an alien in my own body since learning how to read my body’s cues through the course of the month. 

Learning my cycle has given me more grace when I feel a little more tired than normal, hungrier than normal, or even when I’m feeling a surge of energy– all of which are cycle driven. It has been liberating and empowering to pinpoint and translate specific symptoms into practical solutions.  Learning about my body and the natural processes it goes through has helped me, and several of my clients, work with their bodies to regain their woman-hood.

There is a time and place for birth control pills and FAM is not for everyone, but I strongly believe that as women, we should arm ourselves with knowledge about our own hormones and bodies to, at the very least, reduce our risk of reproductive disorders, infertility, and certain cancers.  We all deserve the chance to make informed decisions about our care and not be funneled into the pharmaceutical treatment model right away.

Nicole’s Holistic Nutrition Approaches Include:

  • Education on what is going on in your body when cycling on and off oral contraceptives
  • Foods to avoid to best manage your condition
  • Therapeutic foods to boost your natural detoxification patterns
  • The role of birth control pills on nutrient status
  • Targeted and individualized supplementation protocols
  • Navigating fertility after getting off “the pill”

Recommended Laboratory Tests:

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