Post Birth Control Syndrome

Coming Off "The Pill"

In some women, especially those who have been on oral contraceptives, or the birth control pill, for a long time, getting your hormones back in working order may take several months. This phenomenon is called “post-pill amenorrhea” and can be a hindrance to getting pregnant, should that be desired. Coming off the birth control pill can also induce nutrient deficiencies, irregular periods, and hormonal acne.

Nicole’s Holistic Nutrition Approaches Include:

  • Education on what is going on in your body when cycling on and off oral contraceptives
  • Foods to avoid to best manage your condition
  • Therapeutic foods to boost your natural detoxification patterns
  • The role of birth control pills on nutrient status
  • Targeted and individualized supplementation protocols
  • Navigating fertility after getting off “the pill”

Recommended Laboratory Tests:

Nicole is happy to review labs drawn by your physician (including hormonal panels, comprehensive metabolic panels, complete blood counts, thyroid panels, urinalysis, and others as warranted)