DUTCH Hormone Test

DUTCH Hormone Testing

Whether you have an officially diagnosed hormone imbalance, like PCOS, or an undetected hormonal imbalance that has flown under the radar by conventional lab testing, hormone imbalances can leave you feeling pretty terrible!

Hormones, like estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone, are messengers inside the body that respond to deeper messages received from the brain and body in response to blood sugar, stress levels, inflammation, gut health status, and nutrient levels. Hormonal imbalances give you symptoms, but they themselves are symptoms!

Symptoms of hormone imbalance include:

  • painful periods
  • acne
  • heavy periods
  • clotty periods
  • major mood changes before your period
  • long or short menstrual cycles
  • brain fog and fatigue
  • weight gain
  • tender breasts
  • low libido
  • hair growth or hair loss
  • … and more

The DUTCH test was created to provide insight into many of these concerns, working to deliver the most complete assessment of sex and adrenal hormones, along with their metabolites, in one easy to administer test. No blood to draw, spitting in tubes, or filling up jugs of urine.

The DUTCH test assesses your hormones, how your body is detoxifying those hormones, how stress is influencing your sex hormones, your sleep hormone production (melatonin), and markers of inflammation, nutrient levels, “feel good” hormones, and more!

Sample DUTCH Hormone Lab Report

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