“Brain Fog”

Brain Fog

“Brain Fog” is not a medically recognized term, but is something that is commonly experiences. Symptoms of brain fog include confusion, forgetfulness, lack of focus or mental clarity, fatigue, headaches, and difficulty “finding your words.” Lifestyle factors, including blood sugar balance, sleep, stress, gut health, and hydration status play a paramount role in the functioning of your brain. A poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, exposure to toxins (in food and environment), and inflammation in the body also contribute to brain fog. 

Nicole is an expert in reversing brain fog, for good! She has worked for years with women to help get their brain fog cleared through her proven The BRAIN method.

Step one to banishing brain fog… identifying YOUR root cause!

Step 2:

Learn the The BRAIN Method for achieving root cause resolution! 

Nicole’s Holistic Nutrition Approaches Include:

  • Education on what is going on in your body and why you may be experiencing brain fog
  • Foods to avoid to best manage your condition
  • Therapeutic foods to boost your natural metabolic patterns
  • The role of stress on brain function
  • Targeted and individualized supplementation protocols
  • How certain foods can affect our mood
  • Natural approaches to boost cognitive function
  • The role of the gastrointestinal tract on mood and brain health

Recommended Laboratory Tests:

Nicole is happy to review labs drawn by your physician (including hormonal panels, comprehensive metabolic panels, complete blood counts, thyroid panels, urinalysis, and others as warranted).