Weight Management

The lie we’ve all been told about weight management?

Your weight and overall health is all about CALORIES IN VS. CALORIES OUT.

Nope, not true!

In fact, if you’re like most of the clients I work with, you may have found yourself eating less and less food but gaining more and more weight all while feeling exhausted and bloated all the time.

What gives? Our body is a metabolically adaptive vessel whose primary purpose is your safety and survival.

Okay… where am I going with this?! Hear me out…

The reason that the “eat less, exercise more” approach doesn’t work out long term is because:

  • It sends the message of scarcity to the brain. Scarcity leads to “save up” mentality. Enter: sugar cravings, fat storage, fixation on food, late-night binging episodes.
  • Not eating enough food in the proper proportions for your body slows down metabolism to conserve energy. Feeling like you gain weight from just looking at food? 
  • Not enough food energy coming in while energy is being burned through lots of exercise means that fuel has to come from somewhere. 

Is your metabolism broken or has your metabolism adapted?

Every bite in an opportunity to feed your body the nutrients it requires to run like a well-oiled machine. The food we eat turns into chemical messengers that tell the body to prolong a diseased state or catapult you to optimal health. Nicole’s “nourishment over deprivation” model emphasizes the importance of abundance, variety, and flexibility in your food choices.

Functional nutritional aims to identify the root cause of conditions versus pacifying and quieting nagging symptoms. The goal? Root cause resolution!!

Digging deep into your “story” through very personal, candid conversations, comprehensive medical reviews, and biochemical insight using specialty laboratory testing, Nicole is able to create a road-map of what your body truly needs. No more Band-Aid approaches. Nicole’s functional nutrition approach is a unique approach to managing hormone imbalances using a cutting-edge, evidence-based approach that combines modern medicine, clinical wisdom, and bio-individuality that provides solutions to get you feeling your best… for good!

Nicole will teach you the ins-and-outs of her proven and effective The BRAIN Method to ensure you have a solid foundation for lifelong, sustainable dietary changes that get you feeling your best… for good!