Could I Have Sensitivities?

Take the Guess-Work Out of It!

Food sensitivities are often dose-dependent, with symptom onset delayed by many hours, and there are usually many reactive foods, not just 1 or 2 as in food allergy. And just like each person has a unique fingerprint, both food sensitivity symptoms and trigger foods are different from one person to another. In other words, in two gluten sensitive people, gluten may cause digestive problems in one person and migraines in another. And in 10 migraine patients, there could be 10 different sets of trigger foods. Because of this, obviously there is no one-size-fits-all diet.

To make matters even more challenging, that “healthy” salmon with all of those anti-inflammatory health benefits you read about and that you so desperately want for your own health, may actually be the cause of an inflammatory reaction that gives you diarrhea, fatigue or any symptom! The unexpected and unfortunate truth is that even so-called healthy foods like salmon, blueberries, garlic, or broccoli can become triggers that lead to unwanted symptoms. It’s a very challenging puzzle that requires an expert approach to figure it out.

When it comes to any type of reaction to food, Nicole is a key player on your healthcare team. Nicole knows what happens in the body from the time the first bite of food is taken and the pathway it travels until it is eliminated from the body.

Diagnosis is not always an easy process as it involves a very thorough interview and documentation of foods eaten along with symptom occurrence, timing, and resolution. Testing is necessary to get an idea of what foods are causing symptoms. The next step is the development of the appropriate dietary protocol and determination of how long it must be followed.


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