Undetected low thyroid function is an abundantly high cause of unexplained sub-fertility in both women and men. It is documented as the leading cause of unexplained infertility, yet is often overlooked as a potential culprit despite the ease of diagnosis and treatment. Hypothyroidism in men can lead to decreased spermatogenesis, or low sperm production. In women, hypothyroidism can cause anovulatory cycles (not ovulating) which impairs the body’s ability to get pregnant.

Nicole’s Holistic Nutrition Approaches Include:

  • Education on what is going on in your body and why you may have hypothyroidism
  • Foods to avoid to best manage your condition
  • Therapeutic foods to boost your natural hormonal patterns
  • The role of stress on hormone levels.
  • Targeted and individualized supplementation protocols
  • Navigating fertility with hypothyroidism

Recommended Laboratory Tests:

Nicole is happy to review labs drawn by your physician (including hormonal panels, comprehensive metabolic panels, complete blood counts, thyroid panels, urinalysis, and others as warranted)

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