Expertise & Experience

Nicole’s Credentials

  • Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (national & state level board certification)
  • Board Certified in Integrative & Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Certified LEAP Therapist

Specializes in:

  • hormone imbalances
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • Hashimoto’s
  • metabolism optimization
  • fatigue & energy issues

As a fellow Hashimoto’s patient, she has first-hand experiencing navigating the ups and downs of living with thyroid and immune system dysfunction from a personal and professional standpoint. 

Her unique approach to nutritional management of chronic disease and nagging symptoms includes focusing on nourishing and building the body up versus tearing it down with low-calorie diets and high amounts of exercise. Believing that eating healthy meals should be as simple and habitual as brushing your teeth, she helps her clients find peace and understanding with food, their bodies, and leaving symptoms behind. She helps her clients create healthy meals for themselves and their families while utilizing tasty and therapeutic foods strategies. 

A large part of her approach also includes a focus on personalized nutritional therapies based on each person’s unique biochemical make-up. Using state-of-the-art lab testing, she is able to dive deep into your unique biochemistry to tailor nutritional strategies to your story, your symptoms, and your labs. 

Nicole has a real food approach and believes healthy eating, physical activity, and peace of mind are key to disease prevention and management. She experiments in the kitchen to make wholesome and nourishing meals from the most natural, real ingredients possible that train the taste-buds to crave healthy food. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys being active with her husband and three kids, lifting weights, practicing yoga, walking cooking, eating, and being outdoors. 

Degrees & Certifications

Specialty Areas in Integrative & Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy