Are Your Lab Test "Normal" but you Still Feel Sick?

Medical advancements and technologies have saved the lives of many and play a huge role in longevity and ever-increasing lifespan of humans. However, in today’s fast-paced world we are lucky to get 5 minutes with a practitioner. Assessments and diagnosis can fall short due to time constraints. This rushed sense of patient turnover has unfortunately led to a health model that is more disease centered than patient centered and truly impairs the effectiveness of treatment. In our culture, visits to the doctor are usually a result of acute symptom, so the symptoms of the day are the main focus of the visit. “You have joint pain? Here, take this. That medication has this side effect, so you’ll want to take this too!”

You may have had several blood tests done, which will be reviewed and taken into consideration, but often these are very basic panels such as a CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel), a CBC (complete blood count), and Lipid Panel (basil cholesterol panel) that only provide a small snapshot into your whole health picture. These conventional lab panels are looking for an already established disease process. The trouble with that is many people may not have an actual disease, but could have symptoms. The lab tests that are usually drawn only tell part of the story and have wide ranges of “normal” values. You may still be “within range” but at the lower or higher end of the spectrum and experiencing symptoms.

Functional Medicine focuses on “Ideal” ranges versus “Normal” ranges to ensure that you are in optimum health and feeling the best you can. Being in the ideal range also ensures that poor values on your results are remedied before the onset of symptoms, disease, or condition.

Advanced and state of the art functional laboratory technologies are of extreme value to help connect the dots in the discovery piece that is unique to functional medicine. Blood and stool analysis helps Nicole to dive deep into potential imbalances of each individual patient to help determine effective solutions based on your personal biochemistry and current state of health. Functional lab testing looks between the lines to find imbalances before the development of symptoms and diseased states.

Nicole will review your medical history, labs you had done previously, current signs and symptoms, past and present medications and supplements, and dietary intake to recommend the best options for advanced lab testing on a case by case basis to truly help navigate your individual cellular health.

Functional Lab Testing:

  • Looks between the lines to find imbalances before disease develops
  • “Test, Don’t Guess” to pinpoint exactly what your body needs
  • Takes the guesswork out of one size fits all approaches

Labs That are Currently Available:


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