Thyroid School, Issue #21// Thyroid + Exercise

May 20, 2022

The topic of exercise in the hypothyroidism ruffles a lot of feather. I get it though. When an OB/gyn, personal trainer, sports medicine specialist, orthopedist, chiropractor, neurologist, or any other expert I sought out to help me figure out why I felt so crummy told me that my hours of cardio and marathon training were likely contributing, I refused to believe them. In fact, I dug my heels in more and signed up for even more races and triathlons just to prove them wrong. My thoughts: “Gosh, if I feel this way from spending this much time and energy on my exercise, imagine how bad off I’d be without it!”  Fear kept me in the cycle of eating less and exercising more, but that’s sort of how the diet industry works, right? Scaring you into compliance. I was tricked into thinking that lifting weights wasn’t right for women and that the only way to achieve my physique goals was through hours of cardio. All that got me was an autoimmune disease, irregular periods, acne, and extra pounds I didn’t ask for.  Many of us have been misled to think super high-intensity workouts are the only way. The price of beauty, right? If I wasn’t drenched...

Thyroid School: Issue 8// Autoimmunity

November 5, 2021

Last Thyroid School email, I reviewed how to tell the difference between whether your hypothyroidism is autoimmune in nature or not. To review, autoimmunity is a problem when your immune... Read More