How We Work Together

Initial Visit (90 minutes):  

I lovingly call this session our “awkward first date” because we’ll talk about anything and everything pertaining to health. From menstrual cycles, to bowel movements, to acne, to libido— nothing is off the table! This session takes about an hour and a half and will focus primarily on YOU. We’ll chat all about your life from infancy through teen years to current which helps me really build a timeline of your health history. Topics we’ll touch on include health conditions/diagnoses you may have, symptoms (and when they started), sleep habits, stress levels, exercise patterns, supplements, medications, and of course, FOOD!

From there, we’ll strategize food adjustments and chat about incorporation of supplementation (as needed, of course!).  Speciality lab tests to streamline your treatment plan will likely be suggested and will be discussed in detail during our chat. Oh, and if you happen to have any recent labs from your doctors, bring those with you for review please! 

After this visit, you’ll be equipped with meal templates, recipes, sample meal plans, brand suggestions, and personalized therapeutic food recommendations and appropriate serving sizes for your body.

Follow-Up (60 minutes):

Then, we’ll put puzzle pieces together in our next three visits. Likely after our first chat you had some more time to think about some tough questions I asked you. No worries– we’ll revisit these! We’ll also go over the labs we ordered too– #nerdalert!  The best part about the second date is that we’ve gotten all the awkward “getting to know you” stuff out of the way, and now we can jump into action! This is one of the most eye opening sessions that provides clarity, validation, and direction. Yea!

Follow-Up #2 (45 minutes)

We’ll meet to check in on your wins and victories from the past several weeks and troubleshoot wherever we need to. At this point, you’re gaining confidence in your food choices and beginning to feel human again. Goodbye, brain fog!

Follow-Up #3 (45 minutes)

Have we DTR (defined the relationship) yet? 🙂  In our final visit, we’ll revisit your major accomplishments over the past several weeks and do an audit of how you’re feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We’ll strategize inevitable situations that will arise and equip you with tips and tricks to ensure you’re sticking to the plan!